Self-reflection and nonjudgmental perception of others are key factors in every successful collaboration. Knowing our own drivers and motivation pattern as well as those of our employees, colleagues, co-workers and partners will empower us to communicate more consciously and act more efficiently.

The Reiss Profile - composed of 16 life motives - is a scientifically substantiated tool of motivational psychology.

Our conditioning and preferences are easily determined through the use of an online questionnaire. The result is a visualization of our individual drivers and motivational pattern - a valuable basis for decision-making as well as for consulting, training and coaching topics.

Areas of application are:

  • Personnel management
    value-oriented leadership
  • Teamwork
    improving performance, developing synergies
  • Conflict management
    clarifying misunderstandings, preventing and solving conflicts
  • Career choice
    planning and promoting of professional life
  • Work-life-balance
    creating a healthy equilibrium between professional and private life
  • Relationship counseling
    relating to a partner on the basis of respect and understanding

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